BRZ/FRS/86 Window vents

$160.00 - On Sale

These window vents are made to order. Please allow up to 1 week for your window vents to be shipped. Due to the frameless design on the coupe, being that the doors the window vents install on, these may need to be aligned each time the door is opened and closed. This unfortunately cannot be prevented due to this design. All sales are final and no refunds are offered.

These window vents for your BRZ, FRS, or 86 can be used in several ways.
At the track to cool down the cabin without AC use, daily driving to eliminate wind turbulence, if you have pets, or stand out from the others with a unique touch at a show.

Window Vents are made of high quality recycled HDPE plastic. Vents will come with a choice of Black, Silver, or Brass colored rivets.
(If mesh chosen in order, filter screen cannot be removed and is permanent within the product).

The window vents are NOT permanent when installed. The factory window slides into a channel along the bottom of the vents for stability, along with the upper and sides of the vents sitting up against your factory weatherstripping. Installation instructions included.

Will fit the following Vehicles:
Subaru BRZ
Toyota 86
Scion FRS

Price is for a pair of window vents. One for each front window.

Please use at your own risk. Vents are designed to not damage windows, vehicle trim, and window trim. Visual Autowerks is not liable for any damage due to improper installation. These are intended for off-road use only. Window vents are not recommended to installed completely up into gasket trim to avoid damage to vehicle and parts.
These are not recommended on use of vehicles with window tint. Depending on condition of tint, some applications may be able to run the window vents, but may damage tint. Visual Autowerks is not liable for any damage to window tint.
To prevent loss of product while installed, we recommend to turn on "Window Lock" once window vents are in place. Visual Autowerks cannot warranty any loss or damage of products.

Being that these are used on a 2 door vehicle, customer must understand these will at most times need to be re-adjusted each time the door is opened and closed for the vent to sit properly. Window vents are non-returnable if for these reasons. Thank you.

NOTE: All international orders may need an "importing fee" when the shipping service is attempting to deliver the package. Visual Autowerks will not be reliable for those fees, and the customer must pay for said fees when the shipping provider asks for payment. PLEASE INCLUDE PHONE NUMBER FOR SHIPPING COURIER PURPOSES!
Thank you!