Cobb V3 Accessport Holder (02-07 WRX)

$40.00 - On Sale

::Made by Boosted Beauties::

Tired of your $650 Accessport falling off of your dash?!

3M tape FAILS over time and your desperately needed Tuning Solution goes along with it. Eliminate the worry with the Boosted Beauties AP holder.

Key Features:

-Designed in CAD

-3D printed from durable plastic

-Exact fit for your V3 Accessport

-Mounts using one existing screw behind your dash and aluminum bracket.

-Utilizes the accessport's magnet to hold itself in place

Common Questions:

Q:Why can I see each layer of the holder?

A: 3D printed parts are made by adding layers of melted material layer by layer. This is why you can see the small layers which are a fraction of a millimeter in height.

Q: How strong is it?

A: Pretty darn strong. Your accessport shouldn't go though anymore than this holder was designed for.

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  • White AP Holder (05-07) - 100% in stock
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