Volkswagen MK4 front camber plates

Image of Volkswagen MK4 front camber plates


Have that common positive camber after lowering your MK4? Achieve negative camber in the front of your Volkswagen by adding these camber plates to the lower control arm of the front suspension.
Will only fit MK4 style Volkswagens with stock lower control arms. Allows adjustment of -1* up to about -6*
Installation instructions included.
Will not fit R32 or TT control arms.

***Disclaimer: These are intended for off-road use only. Please use at your own risk.

**** Custom fabrication to inner tie rods and axles may be needed and professional alignment is highly recommended after installation. All applications are different.****

** This adjustment is at the bottom of the strut/knuckle. This means it will slightly bring the wheel lip closer to the fender. It will not give more clearance to fit wider wheels. **


Please allow 2-3 weeks for product to be shipped out. Plates are made to order.

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