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Why choose Visual Autowerks over the competition?

We have been specializing in the highest of quality removable window vents since 2015! We were the original company with the first ever set of 2002-2007 Impreza WRX/STI rear window vents with now over 90+ vehicles available ranging from sedans, to coupes, pickup trucks, SUVs, and more! Our window vents are made to order and are customizable with a choice from 3 different rivet colors to match your vehicles style! All of our window vents are made with high quality ABS textured plastic. You can also add our mesh screen insert to prevent debris and insects from entering the cabin when installed!  We personally fabricate, hand assemble, and ship all orders right here in the US!

We now also offer floating center cap conversion kits 3D printed in ABS right here in house! Available for many different wheel models with more to come, we also offer in house conversions for most center caps. For any inquiries, please send us an email at visualautowerks@gmail.com

What are removable window vents?

Our window vents have many different functions for all types of vehicles! The idea of removable window vents was originally focused on autocross vehicles where some autocross tracks require rear windows closed, and with these vents installed they pass those regulations! This helps reduce cabin temperature without the need of running AC and reducing engine performance.
Our window vents also eliminate that irritating wind buffeting noise you would get when slightly opening the rear windows on the highway!
For our overlanding community, these window vents are the perfect solution to allow cabin airflow without those pesty insects or debris getting in the vehicle with our nylon mesh screen option! (Mesh screen is a nylon material, not metal).

Keep in mind, you cannot close your window while the vents are installed, but they take seconds to remove when needed!

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