Work Emotion Floating Center Cap conversion kit
Work Emotion Floating Center Cap conversion kit
Work Emotion Floating Center Cap conversion kit

Work Emotion Floating Center Cap conversion kit

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All sales are final and cancellations or returns are not accepted for any Floating Cap DIY kits. Ships approximately 7-10 business days (2 weeks) after order is placed.

This conversion is a higher difficulty install than our standard DIY installs. We highly recommend watching the installation video here before purchasing to ensure you are comfortable taking on this project.

Transform your Work Emotion center caps into floating center caps with this conversion kit. These caps will spin effortlessly, will remain level while parked and have a slight “floating” feature while driving, enhancing the overall appearance of your wheels. This DIY kit utilizes your current center cap emblems and housings and does not include any center caps. Please note that you need to have a set of Work Emotion center caps to install the new floating cap conversion. Work Emotion center cap in display photos is for example only.

*NOTE - This kit will only work with the FLAT TYPE Emotion caps. These will NOT work with the Low type. See photos for reference.

*Super glue, heat gun, panel tools, and sand paper or a dremel is required for installation. You can choose to add 3M adhesives to your order to attach the emblems to the floating plate instead of using super glue. Keep in mind, using 3M adhesives will cause the emblem to protrude an additional 1.5mm.

Paper Instructions are included, and a video of the install is attached here.

Kit includes the following - 

4x Emotion floating cap conversion bearing plates  

4x Emotion floating plates

4x Emotion counterweights

4x 3M adhesives (optional)

Key reminders!  
- There is approximately 15mm of components behind the center cap. You may need to measure to ensure your axle/axle nut will not interfere with the components causing the cap to be stuck.

- This kit will slightly push out the center cap emblem original location due to requiring the clearance behind the emblem to spin. 

These kits are 3D printed with ABS filament and use ball bearings for the spinning components. Never use a screwdriver or attempt to disassemble the components as it will damage and break the small parts.