Tundra Window Vents (Crew Max)
Tundra Window Vents (Crew Max)
Tundra Window Vents (Crew Max)
Tundra Window Vents (Crew Max)
Tundra Window Vents (Crew Max)

Tundra Window Vents (Crew Max)

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Window vents are sold in pairs.
Choose quantity of 1 per vehicle.

All window vents are made to order. Please allow up to 7-10 business days for your window vents to ship out. All sales are final and no refunds are offered unless the shipping date has exceeded the estimated wait.

We also offer a custom logo in the center of the window vents for an additional fee. If you would like to order a custom window vent, please contact us at visualautowerks@gmail.com.

These window vents for your 2nd/3rd Gen 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Crew Max can be used in several ways. Camping to prevent insects from entering the cabin with our mesh screen insert, daily driving to eliminate wind turbulence or if you have pets in the back seat, or stand out from the others at a show.

Window Vents are made of high quality ABS plastic. Vents will come with a choice of Black, Silver, or Brass colored rivets. 

(If mesh is chosen with order, filter screen cannot be removed and is permanent within the product).

The window vents are NOT permanent when installed. They easily slide into the factory window track, the window slides into a channel along the bottom of the vents for stability, and to remove you simply lower the window and angle the vent downwards and out. Installation instructions included.

Will fit the following Vehicle:

  • 2007 through 2021 Toyota Tundra Crew Max

Price is for a pair of window vents. One for each rear window.


Please use at your own risk. Vents are designed to not damage windows, vehicle trim, and window trim. Visual Autowerks is not liable for any damage due to improper installation. These are intended for off-road use only.
These are not recommended on use of vehicles with vinyl film window tint. Depending on condition of tint, some applications may be able to run the window vents, but may damage tint. Visual Autowerks is not liable for any damage to window tint. 
To prevent loss of product while installed, we recommend to turn on "Window Lock" once window vents are in place.




NOTE: All international orders may need an "importing fee" when the shipping service is attempting to deliver the package. Visual Autowerks will not be reliable for those fees, and the customer must pay for said fees when the shipping provider asks for payment. PLEASE INCLUDE PHONE NUMBER FOR SHIPPING COURIER PURPOSES!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Long Nguyen
Texas Heat

Great product. Got them just in time before the Texas heat hit. Kept the truck cool down and bugs out with the screen mesh.

Marc Jackson
Practical but significant wind noise

1st and foremost, this is not the fault of visual auto works. I’ve used this companies window vents on various cars in the past and have never had an issue with wind noise while driving with them in. The shape of the Tundra makes using these vents on the freeway difficult to say the least. I thought it was something I could get used to but it’s so obnoxious that I don’t drive with them in place anymore. When I park the truck, I put the vents in and it definitely helps keep internal temperatures down so it cools fast when I get back in and crank up the A/C. Overall it’s a high quality product but just due to the shape of the truck and aerodynamics, it’s not practical.

Tundra Window Vents order!

These Tundra Window Vents are great! They are really well made. They fit right away, are well constructed, look great and let in a decent amount of air inside while driving. They also help to keep the inside temperature of the vehicle down when parked. My only complaint is that they are a bit noisy while installed and the vehicle is in motion. I wish that they came with the hole plugs so that you could plug the holes while driving from the inside. That would make these perfect. But otherwise worth the price as they look awesome.

Don Starns

These are the best thing I have done to my Tundra so far. Can let fresh air circulate without bugs or debris inside.
Highly recommend. Would be even better if there was one for the back window on the Tundra.


Will buy another pair for next vehicle I buy